ReviveToday Spa - Colene Doucette

"Colene is an amazing intuitive healer. I had suffered with chronic kidney failure for 6 months with the doctors opening discussions of kidney transplant. The drs. had me not go to dialysis for 3 weeks testing my blood every other day. During those 3 weeks I was seeing Colene and she was doing reflexology and reiki to help strengthen my kidneys. The doctors were amazed with my recovery as I went from12% kidney function up to 17%. I am now off of dialysis, the catheter has been removed and I am off of the transplant list. The doctors have told me that whatever I am doing to keep doing it because it is working. Thank you Lord for bringing Colene into my life. I trust her implicitly."
-Darlene B.

"Colene and myofasical release have improved my overall health and addressed specific issues such as pain from a broken neck.  I got the sense that Colene really cared about my health and well being.  I have never had any kind of doctor make me feel this way   Colene is a warm and personable person and extremely talented.  She gives her clients focused attention and support.  Omaha misses her and so do I."
-Bunny B.

"My right shoulder started bothering me about six years ago because of arthritis. Instead of seeing a doctor, I just lived with the minor pain. As time went on, my range of motion decreased slowly but steadily, and the minor pain became major. I saw an orthopedic specialist who started giving me cortisone shots, which were helpful for a time but not in the long term. He then suggested minor surgery. To his credit, he made no promises but said that perhaps "cleaning out the joint" would help relieve the pain. He also suggested a shoulder replacement.
So I had the minor surgery. My minor surgery was slow, painful, and unsuccessful. I went to physical therapy for months and each appointment felt like torture. When my insurance ran out, my therapist told me I was fine and released me. I had no idea what to do next and was telling someone that I thought I'd have to go to a pain management physician. She suggested that it might be helped by Colene Doucette.
I hadn't been able to sleep on my right side for over five years, and after my second appointment with Colene, I slept on my right side. I was amazed. Colene was gentle and my progress was steady. I realize now that my physical therapist wanted results much too quickly; therefore, inflammation and the resulting pain kept being a huge problem. Because of my bad experienced in physical therapy, I also had a terrible time relaxing the muscles when they were being stretched. Colene's use of Reiki helped me relax enough that I could actually make some progress.
Overall, I think my surgeon and physical therapist saw me as a shoulder; Colene sees me as a person whose needs may change from appointment to appointment. She incorporates different modalities when appropriate, and I never feel that she is following some agenda she uses with all clients. I'm convinced that Colene has saved me from a lifetime of chronic pain, and I am grateful."
-Marsha K.
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